What if, Right Now, You Thought You Were A Good Enough Mother?

 I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning feeling as if the start-gate to the race had opened, all the other competitors were off down the racetrack, and somehow I had missed it.
I felt so much pressure to catch up. But, to what? What was I believing I needed to accomplish […]

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We’ve all had that kind of day. We forgot to be mindful. We forgot to be compassionate, and maybe we forgot to be kind, especially to ourselves.  Stacey, a mom I work with, told me about having a day of mindfulness lost not long ago.  She went to the grocery store at the end of her day.   As she pushed the cart down the dairy aisle, her 3 year old daughter started to call out the names of every item she saw.  At first Stacey proudly smiled at her daughter’s growing vocabulary. Within a minute or two, though, the little girl’s happy naming of items became insistent screaming for everything she saw. […]

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Soul Food For Momma’s


Soul Food!  We spend so much time thinking about what kind of food we want to feed to ourselves and our children. Organic, local, vegan, paleo….What if we spent that much time thinking about feeding our soul? Would we really want to choose an i thing? Or would we choose nature, […]

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Basic Trust: Not just for Baby

Do you focus most of your attention on your baby? Do you notice when her diaper is wet without criticizing her for peeing? I think the answer is a resounding “YES”.  We do this naturally so our babies will develop trust that the world as a safe, loving, and caring place.

However, at the same time […]

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