Gratitude to Kala for this amazing photo

I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I keep dancing.”–Daniel Hillel


A new mamma said recently, “I went into pregnancy with one body and came out with someone else’s, I think they did a switch at the hospital.”

Does this sound familiar? Are you having trouble feeling at ease in your body since becoming a parent? Do you feel your center is off? This is a weirdly common phenomenon. Movement is profoundly healing way to befriend and reconnect with your post birth body and Yoga is the perfect movement.

In his Healthy Mind Platter, Dan Siegel writes, “When we move our bodies, especially aerobically, we strengthen the brain in many ways.” And when we connect mind and body through breathing the effects are even more dramatic.

On the Mat—This short practice brings stability to our center of gravity by strengthening the core and moving from the center. Put on some music and dance first if you want to get your hear rate up.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your navel. Take six long slow deep breaths feeling your belly rise and fall, each inhale filling the heart with acceptance and kindness.

Press the lower back into the floor on the next exhale. Inhale relax, exhale, press the lower back down. Repeat this 4 more times. Notice the muscles in the belly. Where are they firm, where softer. Now, bring knees to chest, wrap your arms around your shins and bring your shoulders and head up off the floor and give yourself a big hug on the out breath, hold for the count of three. Repeat 4 times.

If you have time, come into hands and knees and do 4 cat cows bringing knee to chin on the exhale. Alternate sides. Lie down on your back and breathe gently and feel your muscles relax deeply for several moments.

Off The Mat

When we go outside and move our bodies through space, even if only for 15 minutes our view of everything shifts. We open our field of vision, get our hearts beating and feel our feet on the ground. Name what you see out loud to your baby or child. Notice something new.

Play, move, experience joy, and dance.  Be patient, and don’t forget, lovemaking is aerobic.


Before I move, My body is feels like…

After moving, my body feels like….

When I was a little girl my favorite way to play was…

“May we all move with joy, may we all move with acceptance, may we all move with love.”