A four- session workshop with Alison Rogers

Mindful yoga and self-compassion to reduce stress, manage moods, and bring more joy to parenting. The practice of mindful yoga can truly transform the way you parent.

Do you ever come home from yoga class and wonder where you left that calm, centered feeling? Do you feel postpartum overwhelm or Do you just need to find that quiet home within, and then take it home with you?

Develop practices that travel home to support and inspire you – practices that you can bring into your busy life on and off the mat.  In this four-session workshop, learn to:

  • Stretch and strengthen your body and mind
  • Cultivate awareness and self-compassion
  • Give yourself the gift of slowing down
  • Identify your deepest held values to inform your decisions as a parent…
  • Learn how to ride instead of drown in those inevitable waves of emotion.

Each session will include 45 minutes of slow flow yoga and guided imagery followed by journaling, light refreshments, and discussion. No prior yoga experience necessary.

●      Dates: Tuesdays; Oct.11, 18,25,Nov.1, 2011

●      Time:  5:00-6:45 pm

●      Place: Yo Mama Yoga Studio, 737 29th St.(Suite 201)
Boulder, CO 80303

●      Cost:  waived for participants who commit to all four sessions, and to complete pre and post workshop questionnaires for research on yoga, self-compassion and emotional wellbeing. Small donation towards rental of the space requested.

●      Registration and more information: Alison Rogers at 303.324.1046 or


Alison Rogers Ed.D.,LPC, RYT is a Kripalu-certified yoga instructor whose practice of psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation spans three decades.  In a rich and unique cross-fertilization, Alison brings her in-depth knowledge of western psychology to the yoga mat and the wisdom of yoga to her psychotherapy practice. Having raised three grown sons, Alison respects that each parent and child must find his or her own way; never forgetting that life with young children can be challenging, tedious, satisfying and often very funny. The joy and enthusiasm that Alison feels for her work with children and parents is contagious.