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Why Do I Always Feel Like A Bad Mother?

By |September 27th, 2015|

So many mothers sheepishly tell me they feel like bad mommas. The secret mantras that hum in the background of many a mother’s mind is; “I suck at this”, “Everyone is better at this than I am”, “Why can’t I ____ as well as _________(fill in the blank)?” Humming in the morning, when you realize you forgot to get lunches ready the night before, again. Humming at night, when you climb into bed exhausted and all you can remember is the meltdown you had at 4pm.

Are these women really bad mothers? No, of course not. Most are perfectly good mothers. You are a fine mother, you are doing as good a job as all the other mothers who look like they are doing a better job. And you are not alone in feeling uncertain.

So, why do you feel like a horrible mother so often? […]

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By |August 19th, 2015|



It happens every year. Summer slows down, and then slips away. The end of summer can be the sweetest part of summer. The rushing around, the trying-to-fit-it-all in of early summer is done.  Now it’s time to slow down and savor. Savor the ripe vegetables and fruits, the still warm lazy afternoons reading to your […]

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Basic Trust: Not just for Baby

By |August 21st, 2014|

Do you focus most of your attention on your baby? Do you notice when her diaper is wet without criticizing her for peeing? I think the answer is a resounding “YES”.  We do this naturally so our babies will develop trust that the world as a safe, loving, and caring place.

However, at the same time […]

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Mothers Day: How To Find More Peace Within

By |April 30th, 2014|

Julia Ward Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” in 1870.  She asked for women to come together in counsel in “the great and general interest of Peace.”
This great and general interest of Peace includes feeling at peace with ourselves, and many of us are still working on that.
We may struggle with a deep sense of longing for the childhood we never had or we may feel that we aren’t the mother we want to be.  We find ourselves exhausted and drained at the end of the day, not only because we are taking care of  a 2 year old having a meltdown at the grocery store, or multiple nighttime feedings, but because we are also fighting an internal battle between the mother we are and mother we imagine we should be.

On this Mother’s Day, may we all find a little more peace within. […]